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Best bonuses in online casinos in Australia

High competition and the desire to please the player has led to the fact that there is a real war for customers between online casinos. Marketing battles are that each of the representatives of the gambling industry seeks to offer its customers not only a wide range of entertainment, but also the best bonuses online casinos Australia. It is the bonuses that allow not only to attract, but also to retain the player, as well as motivate him to bring new customers. Consider what the best bonuses offer online casinos in Australia, as well as what are these bonuses.

Features and conditions of casino bonus offers

Bonus is cash, free spins or some additional incentives that make the game as comfortable and profitable as possible. They are provided exclusively to registered users who have decided to play for real money. Each of the bonuses, the conditions for obtaining and wagering, combined into a single system – the bonus policy of the gambling establishment. The main task of the bonus policy is to attract new users to the site and keep the interest in the game.

It should be understood that even the best online casino bonuses in Australia are not charity. The player can not immediately withdraw from your account “free” money that came to him with the bonus, as long as the bonus itself is not completely wagered on the established conditions – wager. The “wager” itself is a number, number of times, the value of the bets or the amount to be scrolled through the bonus presented. Only then can it be considered wagered.

Let’s give an example wagering bonus: The player credited his account for $ 1000 AUD and received bonuses of another $ 1000 AUD. Vager bonus – x10, to determine the amount of total bets, you must multiply the amount of the bonus on the established Vager, that is: 1000 x 10 = AU$ 10,000.

This means that under the terms of this bonus, the player must cumulatively implement the number of bets totaling 10,000 Australian dollars. The total amount of bets refers to the amount of money that the player bet throughout the game. At this time, it makes absolutely no difference how many bets were won or lost. To make it easier for you to navigate through the whole bonus system, let’s take a look at the best online casino bonuses in Australia that gambling establishments are offering today.

Types of online casino bonuses in Australia

No deposit bonus

This is the most attractive type of bonus for all users, because you do not need to spend your own money to get it. Usually, no deposit bonus is offered to new players to encourage them to open an account in this particular gambling establishment. The advantage of such a bonus is that the client who takes advantage of it will not risk his own funds and will be able to play for real money. But it is quite difficult to win a bonus without a deposit.

In order to wagering the no deposit bonus, it will be necessary to meet the difficult conditions of wagering – to make a large number of bets on a certain amount, which will be significantly higher than the bonus itself. At this time, bets need to be made in a relatively short period of time and only in a certain group of games. Even if the client manages to win back the bonus in full without violating the terms and conditions, usually he will not be allowed to withdraw the money immediately. One of the requirements is that the player must make a deposit of a certain amount.

This is not done to cheat the player, but to fight against “bonus hunters” and retain new customers. If everything is done competently, such a bonus is sure to bring a solid profit.

Deposit bonus or welcome package

This is a common type of bonus, which is also called a welcome bonus. It is usually credited to players for the first or next deposit. It may be a fixed amount, or a percentage of the deposit. The value of the fixed bonus is specified in the conditions, as well as the amount of the minimum deposit, which the player needs to make a game account.

By way of example, the welcome bonus looks like this: it could be A$500 on a deposit of A$1,000 or 100% on a deposit of A$250 to A$10,000. They differ from each other only in the nature of crediting, but the wagering they have the same.

Naturally, like the no deposit bonus, the welcome incentive will need to be wagering. Only in the case of the deposit, online casinos offer a lower wagering rate and loyal conditions of the game. Optimal to choose bonuses on the deposit is the following principle: it is necessary to calculate how much theoretically you will need to spend your own money to wagering bonus. If the amount of payment exceeds the size of the bonus, it is better to refuse such “cheese in a mousetrap”.

The best online casino bonuses in Australia are always higher than the deposit, have a small wager, as well as no strict time limits and slot machines where you can wagering bonus.

Payment method bonus

Some gambling establishments provide bonuses of small size – 10-20% of the amount on all deposits, which the user will make with the recommended payment system. Usually when depositing with some payment systems, a commission is charged by the payment system, so such bonus not only encourages, but also compensates the expenses. Although the amount comes out quite modest, but it will be as easy as possible to win it back. And it’s especially nice if this method of deposit is just right for you.

Bonus for VIP players and regular customers

Naturally, it is important not only to attract a player, but also to keep him. To keep regular customers from looking for new gambling establishments, regular players are offered affordable regular bonuses – every month, quarter or week. There are also individual bonuses for birthday, for attracting a friend, participation in promotions and tournaments, which organizes this gambling establishment.

For a certain number of bets players will be awarded additional bonuses – comp points, which can be exchanged for cash. But the largest and best online casino bonuses Australia have soft requirements for the wagering ratio. They are usually given to VIP-clients. This is not surprising, because such customers bring profit to the gambling establishment.

Phantom and sticky bonuses

These are quite rare bonuses, and gambling establishments themselves usually bypass such wording so as not to scare away customers. The fact is that such a bonus cannot be withdrawn from your account, even if all the conditions for the wager have been met. It can only be used for betting.

During the withdrawal from the account, will be written off only the amount won and the balance of the deposit, which was not used for betting. Hence came its name – the bonus, as if it sticks to the gaming account. The advantage of such a bonus is that it allows the player to make large bets, and the owners of the gambling site to fight bonus hunters.

Today there are no “sticky” bonuses, but they have been replaced by “phantom” bonuses, which have the unpleasant property of disappearing from the gaming account. This usually happens at the moment when the player cashes his winnings. But it should be taken into account that such bonuses are offered more often by companies that do not value their reputation. The best online casinos do not offer such incentives.

Refundable bonus

This is the rarest bonus, which is often used by young gambling establishments to gain customer base. These institutions themselves usually offer to compensate possible losses, with a special bonus, which gives the opportunity to return some part of the lost money. Typically, the amount of the cashback is between 5 and 25% of the amount lost, at which time the casino will be able to set some restrictions on the use of the refund bonus. This is the most disadvantageous bonus for the casino, while being the most advantageous bonus for the player.

As you can see, the bonus system is quite generous and will be able to satisfy the most demanding players. That said, you should understand that the best online casino bonuses in Australia come only from the best online casinos, so trust only the professionals.


Is it possible to earn on bonuses in online casinos?

Of course, all winnings that were obtained with the help of bonus funds can be withdrawn to a real account, but after certain conditions are met. If we are talking about free spins, they can be won back only on certain slots, which indicates the gambling establishment.

What is a bonus package?

A bonus package includes not only a certain percentage of the deposit amount, but also free spins on selected slots, as well as other rewards that will make the game as comfortable and safe as possible.

What are the wagering requirements of online casinos?

Wagering requirements are a number of conditions, after which the player will be able to withdraw the funds. Standard wager is a multiplier amount. That is, for a deposit of AU$1,000 with a Wager of x10, you would need to wager AU$10,000.

Do I have to use online casino bonuses?

If a player believes that the bonuses offered to him are unprofitable, he has every right to refuse the offer. To make the right decision, you need to study the conditions and rules of your chosen gambling establishment. To do this, simply go to the appropriate section on the website and carefully read the information presented there.

Can I win with free spins?

Of course, free spins are given out by the casino as a bonus and, if used correctly, you can earn money. Each free spin has a certain bet, so you will need to wager the amount set in the wager. The system is standard, as in the gambling establishment’s welcome bonus.

Is it possible to cancel the bonus?

Each player has the opportunity to disable the bonus offers, if after its activation, you have not yet had time to make bets. But if the bonus from the casino came automatically, but you do not want to use it, you need to contact support and the bonus will be canceled completely. It is your right to use the bonus or not.

What are the most useful bonuses at online casinos?

If we talk about useful bonuses, we can distinguish between no deposit bonus, welcome bonus and refunds for lost money. The no deposit bonus gives you the opportunity to start playing without investing. And the cashback gives you the opportunity to get back some of the money that was spent and is accrued on a set schedule.

Which casino has the best online casino bonuses in Australia?

Naturally, it is better to give preference to gambling establishments that provide an incentive prize with the most loyal wagering conditions. Only gambling establishments that are financially stable can afford such gifts. In independent ratings such gambling establishments are always on the first lines.

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